Nokia 6600
BL-6C Battery

Author: Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö
Published: 23.02.2005
How difficult: 1 Dremel - Easy ; 5 Dremels - Difficult
Time to finish: 5 minutes
Cost: 23 euros
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Battery side



Next step involves bit more aggressive method. You need a file to remove a small part of rubber/plastic edge of the battery. Any small file with relatively small teeth should do just fine.



You can fit the battery inside the 6600 even without filing. As a result the back cover will not quite fit but you can still manage to put it on. The cover will bulge a bit from the top part. Taking away material from the front side of the battery will solve this issue completely as the front part of the battery is even thicker than the middle section.



Just take away material until you are at the same level or little above the battery body. Then assemble the phone and see how well the back cover fits. In my own phone it was perfect.


Nokia 6600 & BL-6C Battery

All in all a very simple mod. Well, perhaps not an actual mod in a first place but more or less a good hint how you can increase the operation time of your mobile phone. As the capacity increased the battery keeps the phone running a lot longer when stressed. Standby time also increased by at least three days so I'm happy.

Your mileage will most certainly vary depending on the way you operate the phone or the operating condition of your BL-5C battery before the mod. In all cases the operation time will increase so at least when you are shopping for replacement battery for the dead one, consider BL-6C as one option.

As there have been reports lately about exploding cellphone batteries etc. I have to warn you about the dangers involved with playing with batteries like this. If you short the electrical connections on the battery or damage it in any way, the battery can, in worst case scenario, explode on you. It is highly unlikely that this will happen but I though that you should be aware off this. Just keep safe and don't take too much material off the battery and everything should go fine. It did in my case.

Oh, and a small note; THIS MOD WILL VOID THE WARRANTY OF THE MODDED BATTERY! If you don't file the battery the warranty should still be valid as you don't modify the battery in any way. I'm not sure what Nokia feels if you tell them that you have been operating the battery on the device that it is not listed to be used with though. ;)

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