Project:: Arcade

Tutorial on how to build a desktop arcade cabinet

Author: Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö
Published: 14.08.2010
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When I was a kid, I wanted to play all these coin operated games but my parents didn't let me. From there on since I've wanted to build an arcade gaming cabinet. Now that I have the technical skills and financian means, why not?!

This build is not as well documented as some of my other work. I'm still hoping that there is enough information to get you interested and start to build your own machine. There are tons of designs to choose from by browsing the internet and I'm convinced that you can spot the one you like.




Project:: Arcade - Tutorial on how to build a desktop arcade cabinet

What planning? I happened to browse the internet on my summer vacation and spotted some arcade cabinets. "I can do this" and it didn't took long for me to fetch some plywood from the garage and start drawing the basic shape of the cabinet.

The image above is from the first piece that I cut. I'm using 12 mm baltic birtch plywood as it is very strong material thus making it perfect for the core structure. Later I found out that there would have been even better options but more about that later...


The arcade parts


Project:: Arcade - Tutorial on how to build a desktop arcade cabinet

I ordered these parts from an arcade shop in Germany. Nothing special really; four action buttons, flipper buttons, three function buttons and a joystick. All there were manufactured by Seimitsu. To make my life easier when hooking up the controls to a computer I ordered an I-PAC VE. This little piece of PCB sits between the controls and the computer and it translates different actions to keypresses. Computer sees it as an USB keyboard.

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