Shorten lengthy SATA cables yourself.
Author: Otto 'Yoshi' Suhonen
Published: 21.10.2007
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The idea for this mod was born when I was assembling a computer: I noticed that the distance between the motherboard's s-ata connectors and the HDD was very short and due to that I thought it would turn out really ugly if I'd just use a full length 40 cm S-ATA cable. I decided to make a custom S-ATA cable for this case - Baby SATA was born.

Here are the instructions which you can use to make your own custom length s-ata cables and ease the cable mess inside your case, especially if you have several HDDs in your rig.

Cables from different manufacturers may vary from the Click-Connect cable I used, but I don't think there are any crucial differences between different models.



Cut the cable to desired length as shown in the picture.

Preparing the connector



Slice open the of rubber coating of the connector with a sharp knife or a razor blade. Do this carefully as the same cover is going back to its original place later.



Under the rubber you can see the end of the s-ata cable that is soldered to the connector. For added strength the connections are covered with hot-melt glue.

Cut the cable just before the connector's pins.



1.) Carefully remove the hot-melt glue from the plastic frame so that the connector part can slide off.
2.) Then comes the hardest part: Use moderate violence to remove the hot-melt glue from the connector pins.
3.) After getting the darn glue off, the pins start to move horizontally. Fit the connectors back inside the plastic frame.

This process has to be done only to one of the connectors. Just wanted to point this out.

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