Shorten lengthy SATA cables yourself.
Author: Otto 'Yoshi' Suhonen
Published: 21.10.2007
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Preparing the cable



Peel off some of the red insulator. About 3-4 mm should do. Under the cover, there are eight wires in following order: GND, DATA1, DATA2, GND, GND, DATA3, DATA 4 and GND. Ground wires are not insulated.



Because the two wires in the middle are both GND, they have to be soldered together to pin 4 of the connector. That is because the connector only has seven soldering pins.

Position the peeled wires on the pins so they can be soldered easily back to their places. NOTE ! I recommend using soldering assistant because soldering those thin wires can be just plain hell. Especially if your hands tend to shake a bit (like mine did )



Position the cable on table / soldering assistant so that the connectors are as shown in the pictures (proper connector orientation in both ends are highlighted in the image with red color)




Put the rubber coating back on and attach it to its place with small drop of super-glue or epoxy. If you want to have a strong cable or just want to make sure that the solders hold, I recommend that you cover the soldering pins with hot-melt glue as they were in the beginning.




  • Improves airflow
  • Less cable clutter

  • CONS 
  • -

    So there you have it - Serial ATA cable just the length you need/want. Now that the cable is the right length (if you measured it correctly that is), you don't have to watch that excess wire dangling in front of you case window or at the bottom of the case.

    Suhonen thanks for your interest and recommends everyone out there to do this simple mod. It only takes arond 15 minutes to complete and makes your case look so much cleaner and well thought.

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