Bitumimaton asennus (Installing bitumen mat)

The aim is to install some bitumen mat inside the computer to eliminate the excess rattling of the case.

For my surprise, I found some bitumen mat here in Raahe outback from a local car equipment shop. The price was 30mk (~5 USD) per 500x400x4 mm sheet. Not bad at all. I brought three pieces of these with me, but at the end of the project, I realized that I could have worked with only two sheets, so I had one in excess.

The sheets are bitumen and therefore are very heavy. This trait is exploited to dampen the sounds coming from the case. The walls or my computer are made out of 1mm plate, so it'll be interesting to see/hear the difference. Normally, the walls of computer cases are made out of 0.5-0.7 mm thick plate.

The sideplate detached and marked with red drawing ink where to put the mat and where not to put it. A carpet knife is ready to cut. I took a normal plastic cutting surface from the kitchen as the cutting surface. The mat is surprisingly hard to cut, so it's good to have a decent surface to cut on so that you don't cut through to table or anything.
A hole measured for the fan. It's better to get the things fit on the first try. You can't rip off the mat off the plates after you have attached it once. If you need, you can warm the mat with a hair dryer or something so the glue on the mat really glues itself on the plate.
The side and ceiling plates 'matted'. Quite stylish, even if I say so myself. With a decent carpet knife you can cut the holes for possible screws and fans accurately.
The case ready for handling. The picture shows also very clearly the rounded IDE-cables. This means, they have been bound together so that the air could flow inside the case as well as possible.
The scraps of the mat are placed here-and-there. Also, it's good to mat the plastic front panel so that its resonances and noise can too be eliminated.


Phew, it was a job, alright. Okay, just turn the computer on and test how it sounds. Not bad at all. The sound of the air currents is still audible in about the same levels because the power supply and the ceiling fan blows outwards. You can notice the noise decrease from the HDs even if i didn't make a frame for them. The most puzzling is the heat. Everyone has warned about how the temperature might go sky-high after this mod, but in my case, the temperature rose only by one degree and the idle temperature of my CPU dropped with two. So, the stuffing of excess air-routes seems to help.


The bitumen mat is surprisingly strong in its stench, so I recommend you to conduct this procedure in an environment with ample change of air. At least I got a mighty headache after this operation. In normal use, you don't notice the stench, but when cutting, apparently some substract is released in the air.

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