Okay, let's build a hole in the ceiling of the computer so we can easily suck the hot air from the case.

We'll skip directly to drilling. Because I didn't have anything more handy for making one large hole, I had to satisfy myself with several small ones. The best tool for this was a sturdy column drilling machine.
Again, in the lack of more suitable tools, a hammer and a chisel had to do when I cut off the material between the holes.
As the chisel, I had some sort of squeezer which had enough power to cut the holes.
The result: a very ugly, jagged edge. The cure follows...
To avoid polising the edges, I used the outer cover from a normal electric cord. So, I took the wire itself out of the cord and cut open the 'tube' from the side with a knife. Then I just padded the jagged edge with the tube and superglue(tm). The result: a smooth edge which also silences the rattle against the case, caused by the fan.
Voilá: an authentic blowhole. Smooth in the edge, and otherwise nifty-looking.
And here's a shot of a less-neatly assembled case. A bothering setback was that the fan didn't fit inside the case, so I had to install it above the whole thing. Just a small flaw in aestethics, but still a flaw.


With little effort great cooling results. The rising hot air is effectively blown away from the case because the the fan in the power supply itself didn't do the job properly. CPU teperature dropped with a few centigrade also. And let's forget how the temperature would drop after a small rearrangement of the wires ;)

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