Cardfanin teko

The point is to introduce a very simple thingie which would cool any possible extension card. There are only two images, but they ought to explain everything there is to explain.

Okay, what you need is one excess fan and one extension port's cover plate which are lying in every corner.

Grab the cover plate with a clamp or something and straighten the bent head. After this, attach the other head of the plate e.g. into a bench vice and twist it 90 degrees for example anti-clockwise. Thusly the plate is ready to be glued on the side of the fan.

Just pick a card you want to cool, loose its screw which holds it tight and just cram the Cardfan in the same screw and screw it tightly again.

Updated 16th Dec 2001


Here you have a fan installed. I'm sorry for the quality of the picture. I had to cut and zoom from a picture from another project. But I'm sure you get the idea. The screw for the network card has been lifted just enough so that the Cardfan gets under it. It fans quite well even a larger area.

Also ventilates and works in a case where you don't have a hole in the side. The efficiency, of course, isn't as high as in a case with holes.


So, easily and cheaply done cooler for extension cards. Mod on.

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