Canon EFS to EF

Author: Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö
Published: 10.04.2005
How difficult: 1 Dremel - Easy ; 5 Dremels - Difficult
Time to finish: Work: 30 minutes
Total: 12 hours
Cost: 7 euros
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Wide angle


Wide angle

As I only had Canon's 50mm/f1.8 II lense before this I was shocked how wide this new modded lense was. To give you some idea what the lense can do with interior shots I made this little image. As you can see the 50-55 mm have a very limited view of the world when shooting inside. 18 mm on other hand does see whole lot more. 28 mm seems to be very popular amongst the manufacturers as the wide end and from here you can see how much narrower it is compared to 18 mm.



As you can see, everything worked out ok for me. It was very nerve wrecking to take the first photos, starting from 28 mm and closing the 18 mm knowing that the rear element of the lense is getting closer and closer to the mirror. From that day on I've been using this lense as my primary "walk around" lense. Too bad that the front part of the lense is rotated when focused, making the usage of circular polarizers bit annoying. On the other hand the price of only 100 dollars you get a cheap lense that have a sharp image when stepped down to around f8 and relatively short focus time. And you just got to love that wide angle. :)

This mod was perhaps one of the scariest that I've ever done. Partly because I didn't have a full control over what would happen when I took the first photo with 18 mm. Repairing the possible damage to the camera would have been quite expensive so I'm pretty happy that everything worked perfectly the first time around. As there are similar articles floating around the net about making this mod, I suggest that you read them all before you attempt the mod on your lense. Every one of those articles can introduce a new idea or make you notice something that you didn't learn from others so it does make sense to compare all the available material. It's your lense and it's your camera so you need to make up your own mind whether to go ahead and do the mod or just go and shop for more expensive EF compatible lense.

I would like to thank Bob Atkins for introducing the first version about this mod to the internet. At least his page was the first one that I found.

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