Embryo Zero

Author: Antti Hakala
Published: 16.10.2006
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Being fed-up with my laptop's small display, I decided to switch back to desktop computing. When choosing parts for my new pc, I came to the conclusion that none of the ready ATX-cases were satisfying enough. I decided to build a case by myself and thought I could also save some money that way. In the end, this case ended up being more expensive than most regular cases but at least it is unique, MY case. As a foundation for my new case I used an old atx-case project started around 2002-2003.

Here is the start in its full glory. The window was cut by my brother years ago though the design is mine. This case was never finished and I thought it would be nice to complete it now. Front panel of the case got lost years ago which means more work to me now. The first step is to do some 3d-modeling to see what this piece of metal could be turned into.

After several hours with 3d-studio I found the shape I liked. Choosing a colour theme was not so easy. First I was thinking about using orange but I got tired of that rather fast and decided finally to use something more regular.

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