Embryo Zero

Author: Antti Hakala
Published: 16.10.2006
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Getting Started

Side panels being polished.The metal had gotten a bit rusty and dirty during the storage. Things start to look better already after the coarse sanding. Sanding all the way from grit 180 to 1000 was really boring and slow. Happily it's over now.

It is always good to check the dimensions with a cardboard model. This is a really fast method compared to noticing that the pieces dont fit in the final assembly. The lower cardboard box acts as the two 8cm fans and the box above will be the power supply. After seeing the cardboard model it was safe to start cutting some sheet metal. Everything got sanded down to 1200 and polished with Autosol. Nice recycling for Antec psu :D


Then it was time for some plastic work. Polystyrol is really easy to cut with anything sharp and it wont break from bending. Again parts fit nicely on the first try.

The next step took quite a while longer. I used 15 minutes epoxy and was able to put 2 pieces in place at a time. I had to cut and glue 57 parts so you can count the time used. Curved parts were the hardest.

How does it look so far?

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