Embryo Zero

Author: Antti Hakala
Published: 16.10.2006
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Upside Down

Front panel v1.0 didn't end up looking too good so I had to start all over again. New panel will be shown later. First some things which affected the new design.

I made a 'big' decision to turn the whole case upside-down. (Compare the first and the last photo above.) I want the PSU to get fresh air from outside of the case so I placed it in the bottom. Having everything this way also prevents the hot air from GPU rising to the CPU. I made a new top part for the hull from 4 mm aluminum which can be seen on the right. New roof is strong enough to hold the weight of the side panel. Overall, turning the case aroung seems to be the best idea so far. It even made the cool opening mechanism possible. Some basic parts were added to the base also on the last pic.


Case needed feet, so I made some. 40X40 mm square aluminum was easy way to get started. First pic shows the feet straight after being cut with flywheelcutter. Nothing special about the attachment to the hull.

After adding some polystyrol, I was done with the feet. Cd-drive also found it's place and it opens to the backside of the case. One might say that it's not handy but I rarely use CD's and I'm willing to suffer some for the looks. The HDD holder on the front is made out of some simple L-profile aluminum and screwed together. The opening below HDD will be used as a fresh air intake. This picture also shows how the motherboard and components will appear inside the case.

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