Embryo Zero

Author: Antti Hakala
Published: 16.10.2006
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Front Bezel

Front panel v2.0 starts to look better for my taste. It has been sanded and polished. I made screw holes and used a bigger drill to make some space for the screws that attach the panel to the hull. The whole part turned out good and I'm satisfied to it.

So shiny. Notice the new parts which have been added to the front panel. These will give some shape for the mesh that will be added later to the front. 3D render shows the mesh and also the colour theme I finally chose.


Exhaust on the top is used to draw hot air away from the graphics card. Picture on the right shows the arrangement of the parts at the rear of the case. Two 8 cm fans are located near the CPU. Pay attention to the CD-drive.

Case opens nicely as planned, though the side panel got rather heavy.

Here is the PSU for this project. 600 watts of Silverstone Strider ST60F will quarantee enough juice for all circumstances. The casing of Silverstone measures a bit more in depth than other PSUs. Still it fits nicely to my design and causes no problems. Modular design will be a nice help when doing the wiring.

I would like to thank Silverstone Technology for providing this Power Supply Unit for us to use in this project.

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