Embryo Zero

Author: Antti Hakala
Published: 16.10.2006
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As said before, I hardly use any CD's and definitely no dvd's so good old Sony CD-RW drive will do fine for this case. It has been taken to pieces and painted mainly white. The lightning is made using two white leds reflecting from the surface of a CD. The colour of the disc inserted will affect the lightning and that's rather cool.


The easiest way of doing the black areas to the side panels, was using a DC-Fix tape. First I thought I could paint them, but I figured the tape would last longer without scratches. Cutting the tape was slow but easy. Some more photos below.

Mesh work

The mesh on the front panel was a cheap buy: 100 x 100 cm was 2 euros. Some precise measuring, cutting and bending finished with a touch of Autosol and the parts turned out really beautiful. Reflections on the mesh look far more better in real life, but actually it's pretty good in photos too, see for yourself!

Matrix Orbital MX610 is placed in the opening of the mesh. Mesh being ready it is time to paint the hull.

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