Embryo Zero

Author: Antti Hakala
Published: 16.10.2006
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Wait for a nice rainy day and it is possible to paint without having all the dust and insects landing on the painted surfaces. Some primer and Maston black, a very common recipe indeed...


Nice collection of stuff. Putting it all together from now on is easy and fun.

The feet are finished with a layer of 10 mm rubber. This will protect the desk from scratches. Also the fans are attached to the hull.

CD-drive is covered with acryl and fan wires are 'hidden' in rubber tubes: if you can't hide something, then show it properly!

Finishing Touches

Further lightning is added to the motherboard-tray and front panel. Hopefully the white colour will help with the lights. Red colour is used as an accent in the feet and later around the top exhaust.

Two USB cables for what? Upper cable connects the Matrix Orbital and the lower cable goes to the cd-drive. The drive is not connected through ide, but through ide-usb 2.0 adapter, again a nice way to avoid using too much wires inside the case. The photos on the right shows buttons to control lightning and to start the computer.

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