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Small Aluminum Case with Water Cooling
Author: Toni Siik
Published: 14.01.2008
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After getting tired with my old Antec Sonata II case, I really wanted to build something original for myself. The basic guidelines for the case were simple. As this case was going to be built to be used at Lan-parties, the case should be small, simple, durable, upgradeable and it still should be able to house a powerful system. Wanting to keep the case as upgradeable as possible I wanted it to be able to house ATX-sized components. In addition I wanted to honor my old cs-clan in the design in some way.



The whole design-process of the case began in the end of 2006. Back then I started thinking about a layout for the case, that would allow me to accomplish my goals. After playing around with some layouts I realized that, water-cooling was the way to go on this project. Water-cooling just gave me some possibilities that allowed me to make the case even smaller. After getting the basic layout done, I really just designed a case around it.

As I started to design this case, my setup consisted of a DFI's LANParty-series motherboard, an Opteron 170 cpu, 2 GB of OCZ memory and a Radeon X1950XTX. This setup would be moved to its new home as soon as it was finished.



The layout can be seen here. The power supply rests over the CPU area leaving just enough room to route the tubes to the CPU block. Keeping upgradability in mind I wanted to leave enough room for future upgrades, I chose to leave enough room in the case for two 8800 GTXs. That way I would be able to fit just about any graphics cards in the case.

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