Project: Eutanasia

Small Aluminum Case with Water Cooling
Author: Toni Siik
Published: 14.01.2008
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The Frame


The Frame

The ends of the case were fit and screwed onto the aluminum outer shell of the case and the screws were countersunk for that sleek look.


Here's one of the ends done.

The door of the case was initially way too big, because the shop had made the chassis too low. This meant that I had to grind it down by around half a centimeter. It took me a while, but after the dust had settled, the door was sitting happily in its place.

The Hard-drive Mounts


The harddrive-mounts in action

I really thought long and hard on how and where to attach the hard-drive in the case. In the end I ended up using some rubber spacers that I "borrowed" from my brother's P150 case to keep the hard-drive in its place. I simply drilled the holes for the spacers and screwed on the hard-drive through the bottom of the case.

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