People have done great mods based on GlowPad so I thought that I should take another look at that technique. I saw one mouse in some hardware news site that was transparent and it had a transparent mouse wheel too. Why not make a similar kind of mod to an older mouse, with light of course. :)

Because there isn't transparent wheel in ordinary mouse, we have to mod one first.

I used a regular Logitech mouse with a ball. In this mod, it doesen't matter if you have a ball or optical mouse. When you open up your mouse you will find more or less similar kind of mechanism. Be carefull not to lose any of those small springs.

The wheel itself consists of two parts. Outer part of the wheel is made from rubber. This to ensure good grip. The inner part is plastic and contains holes, necessary to tell which way the wheel is turning.

In this stage I filed some material out of the plastic inner circle. By doing this, you need to make a smaller hole to that replacement outer circle. Makes out job somewhat easier. You can see the filed wheel in bottom picture.

I bought a piece of plexi from Aikolon OY. 200 x 200 x 7 mm plate costed 3 euros.

Then I cut a 30 x 30 mm piece and drilled a hole center of it. In that hole I inserted a bolt which I then tightened with two nuts. After that I fastened this contraption to a column drilling machine.

I measured the old wheel and the diameter was 25 mm. This may vary between diffent models/makers of mouses. When I finished with the rounding I drew a line to mark what part I have to take out with my Dremel (Ferm).

Lower right, the final product. You could use that as a ring if you fancy that kind of items. :)

I used a superbright red led. I didn't know exact specs to that led but I chose 2.2 V and 20 mA for it. With that 120-170 ohm value you should be ok to insert any red or green led. Blue leds need a smaller resistor.

Hook up the mouse and be amazed. It works! :)

You can see the red glow in a day light too. Too bad that digital camera can't reproduce the effect 100% accurately.

When you dim the light a bit, glow gets a lot bigger and beautiful. I used quite bright led but I think that regular leds could be enough too. With this led, you can see the red glow shining through my wifes finger. I like to thank her for letting me have the mouse for this mod.

Euronews style; No comment.


Hope that this mod seem worth doing. Hardest part was the filing of that outer part. Not a mission impossible but you need to be carefull with the measures. Don't file the wheel too smooth. This to ensure a good grip between your finger and a mouse wheel.

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