Foot Pedal Mod

Free your hands - Control the speed of the tool with your foot.
Author: Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö
Published: 25.03.2007
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For time to time, one comes up with a killer idea for modding that doesn't cost much and improves the original product in ways such as looks, usability, functionalty or all these combined. I believe this following mod fits at least one of those categories. For me, this has been a true life saver even though I came up with the idea just only couple of days ago. I hope that you will find this little project worth doing for and get all the benefits out from it like I did.

What are we aiming to?

This is my own setup sitting on a dining table. When doing carving for longer period of time, I try to use the flexi cord so I don't need to hold the whole weight of the rotary tool in my hands. On the floor you'll spot the item we are going to build today. Some may recognize where the donor part is from but more of that on the next page.

Why we are doing this?

For me personally having two hands free to operate when carving is a definite plus. One hand can be used to hold the object while other hand can handle the tool. So where would one need the third arm?

Dremel's, Ferm's, Proxxon's rotary tools have one thing in common; you need both hands to operate then. Yes, there are some special models that make them almost usable with only one hand but they do not come even close of the usability that this little mod of ours offers. When you have full revolutions running on the tool and you would like to set them lower, you will need to let go of the object you are working on to get the speed setting right. Same goes to turning the tool on and off. When you have a pedal on the floor, that can be used both to turn the tool on and off and also allow one to make stepless speed adjustments, you get a lot more done with better end results. I for one have ruined several pieces that I've tried to carve because I didn't have proper control over the tool. Now it won't happen again.

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