Foot Pedal Mod

Free your hands - Control the speed of the tool with your foot.
Author: Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö
Published: 25.03.2007
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Putting it all together

Here is our game plan. Idea here is to cut one of the wires feeding power to the tool and place the resistor in between. Very simple to do but remember; MAINS VOLTAGE CAN KILL YOU!

I took two PC power cables. Cut away both ends from one of the cables but I only cut the PC side from the other. Now I had the mains side cable ready.

As we need only to route one of the wires via the resistor, join the two other cables according to their colors together. You should use solder so you don't get sparks etc. from loose connection when using the pedal.

Insulate the joined cables with heat shrink tubing or with some tape. After that just connect the remaining two wire ends to the resistor. This model had screw terminal for easy maintenance.

Put everything back inside the pedal as they were when you first opened it up. This would also be a good time to check that the connections are working as they should. Just use a multimeter to check that there are no short circuits between the wires.

Tool side of the pedal

Here you could use an old extension cord etc. but I decided to burn some cash and got this instead . 3.50 euros, so not a big investment. As my rotary tool doesn't have the protective ground wire, I could have got a socket that had only two connections. You decide if you want to take that yellow/green wire off the schematic all together but I decided to leave it be. It won't affect the operation of the tool in any way if the tool only needs two wires.

This would make my electricity teacher proud, or not. Anyway, the idea is to leave the protective ground wire bit longer than the other two. This to make sure that the protective properties are the last ones to get disconnected if you pull the wire off the socket. I just love safety standards.

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