Foot Pedal Mod

Free your hands - Control the speed of the tool with your foot.
Author: Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö
Published: 25.03.2007
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Ready to Rumble

Darn, I forgot to add any leds to it...

In action

Carving is a nice way to decorate old bottles, jars etc. I know that I'm going to get feedback on this but that symbol should say "love".

My wife wanted to try it too and found the foot pedal easy to operate. Perhaps because she is so used to them when working with sewing machines.


Like I said in the Intro part of this article, it is nice to find some new way to make life bit easier. This mod also fits to the category; Why didn't I think of that earlier!

Greatest thing about this mod in my opinion is that you don't need to mod/alter/void the warranty of the rotary tool itself. You just place this foot pedal between the mains and the tool. If you replace the tool with something more powerful or feature-rich, you can continue using the pedal with it too. Just remember the wattage rating on the pedal. You should not try to run a 300 Watt column drill with something that you designed for 90 Watt devices as it will burn out the resistor relatively fast. In my case, 135 Watt Dremel replica runs nicely with 90 Watt pedal. This because I keep the speed setting in the built-in speed controller on the tool itself low. This ensures that the tool will not take that full 135 Watts even when I put my foot down.

I only hope that you got something out of this little modding article. And please, remember to be careful when playing with mains voltage. It really can kill you.

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