Project: GhettoBlaster

Portable Amplifier and Speaker Box
Author: Antti Hakala
Published: 12.12.2007
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Amplifier module

Amplifier was built from a kit manufactured by the It's called the AM6-Basic and it delivers 25 watts into two channels at 4 ohms which is a lot more than required. And the best part is that only about 10% of the power is transformed into heat. In normal amplifiers almost half of the power is wasted. Amp came with great instructions and it was really easy to solder together. Amplifier will not have any volume knob, the volume will be set from the audio source device.


Testing the Amplifier module

Testing the amp with one of the selected audio sources for this project; a mobile phone. One can use for example almost any MP3/MP4 player, mobile phone, electric guitar, computer, game console, television set or a CD-player as a audio signal source. As long as the device has at least a lineout audio output connector, it can be utilized.

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