Project: GhettoBlaster

Portable Amplifier and Speaker Box
Author: Antti Hakala
Published: 12.12.2007
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Cutting the pieces for the BOX and fitting the battery and the amplifier

Plywood, glue and millions of screws. Basic concept for building a relatively light but strong case. Battery and amplifier are located at the bottom of the case in a sealed compartment. Final product will have two metal hatches to allow acces to the battery and amplifier compartment in case of a blown fuse. I added a small heatsink to the amp, though it didn't require one. Just to be sure.


Routing the holes for the speaker elements

Router was very helpful tool once again. It made nice holes for drivers and maintenance hatches. Front plate of the case is made out of double plywood. I dont want to see the case breaking apart when people sit on top of it. Yeah it'll be a great seat too!


Making the box airtight

Blue stuff on the photo is glassfiber filler which makes sure that the case is 100% airtight. Case can't be leaking or it won't work as planned. If you make a bad case with holes, you'll lose output power and also the sound quality will be bad overall.


Making the box airtight

Finished case frame on the left. On the right you can see original Audio Pro reflex ports and grills that I bought for the driver holes. Okay, a week has passed, it's time to hurry up and move on.

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