Project: GhettoBlaster

Portable Amplifier and Speaker Box
Author: Antti Hakala
Published: 12.12.2007
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Finishing touches


Fixing the leather

Casing is covered with fake leather. Same leather was used in Logiwood project. Fast and easy way to achieve a pro looking surface. Metal hatches are already sitting in their places and RCA inputs + power switch have been installed. Even ladies can use this techical device: it has only one button - On/Off (Party On/Off ?! ) Crossovers are screwed to the bottom of each speaker compartment and the cables are waiting to be connected to the drivers.


Carrying handle

Carrying handle is made out of a 10mm rubber slices and screws. Cheap and straightforward i'd say.


Finishing touches

Be careful and do not slip the screwdriver through the speaker drivers while tightening the screw! (that has once happened to me)

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