Project: GhettoBlaster

Portable Amplifier and Speaker Box
Author: Antti Hakala
Published: 12.12.2007
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Finished GhettoBlaster


Finished GhettoBlaster


Finished GhettoBlaster


Finished GhettoBlaster

Finally it's finished. Two weeks was just enough. It plays really loud, infact the user needs to be a bit drunk to be brave enough to use the full volume. And the best part is that battery lasts over 20 hours! Finished product weights around 11 kg so it's not too light but still movable. We call it the MoodBooster!

Rough price list:

  • Drivers and crossovers: 85 €
    (bought second hand, new pair would have been around 200 €
  • Amplifier kit: 45 €
  • Battery and Charger: 75 €
  • Plywood, glue, etc.: 50 €

  • Total: 255 €

Aluminum and leather were leftovers from earlier projects. I'd say those would have cost around 40 € if bought.


Field tests proved this device to really work and cheer people up. It's also superior to these commercial boomboxes by playing louder, from lower and longer time. It has taken a lot of beating but it still works absolutely fine. So with 300 € one can build better sounding and looking blaster than money buys from stores: a very succesful project. Now build your own and upload it to! AllTheMods is a web2.0 modding gallery where you can host your own modding images and full projects. Rate mods from others, get feedback and experience something new. Come and check it out!


Happy users of the MoodBooster

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