HDD Eyez

Author: Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö
Published: 02.10.2004
How difficult: 1 Dremel - Easy ; 5 Dremels - Difficult
Time to finish: 30 minutes
Cost: 3 euros
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The Skull


The Skull

The Skull is the same that was shown in our review of Xmod 3D Thumb Screws. There are tons of other items that you could stuck few leds and make it glow to show HDD activity but I though that the skull would be perfect for this article.


Away with the screw

Again, this is optional. You could leave the screw in place so it can be used to mount the skull where ever you want but I decided to cut it away. This gave a smoother surface to work with. I used a regular hacksaw and it worked quite nicely.




I used 2 mm drill to make holes for the light to channel through. There is no need to make them any wider but this is again totally up to your needs. Metal on these thumb screws was fairly soft so there was no need to use any real force while drilling. "Two eyez? One would have been cooler?!" Do whatever you want with your version. I just happened to like this symmetrical approach more. :)

The Eyez


Hot Glue

Eyez were made with hot glue. Aim the nozzle of the hot glue gun to one of the eye holes from the BACK of the skull. Give the trigger a squeeze and you should see the eye forming before your very own eyes. Repeat the step for the other eye too. Try to use equal amount of force so you end up having two, more or less identical eyez.


The leds

I connected two, 5 mm red leds in parallel for the eyez to get the best possible glow from them. Because we are taking power directly from computer's PSU, we can use a lot more leds and take more current than we could by using motherboard's hdd led header power only. Just remember to use good amount of hot glue to glue the leds in place.

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