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Author: Jipa
Published: 01.06.2006
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This time we have something not-so-serious for all the modders out there with broken HDD(s).

I had some dead HDDs lying around and I started wondering what could I do with them. After opening one and testing if it still run, I couldn't resist scratching the spinning disk with a screw driver...



Hard drive

I'm pretty sure every one of you have seen a hard disk, but here it is anyway. The one I used is an old Seagate. Capacity manufacturer or model makes no difference, it's all about RPM and size of the disks inside.



The victim is actually the same kind of hard drive that I have in my server, hopefully it won't break up like this did. This model is extremely easy to open as it's only held together by aluminium tape which runs around the edge. I guess many of you have also seen the internals of a hdd, but here goes. Disks and magnets are clearly seen.



After a couple of torx-screws the HDD was strip empty and the actual modding could take place. Disks are secured with four more screws. These, like all the others in this HDD, were T8-sized but they may be smaller in some cases. This HDD was very nice to disassemble as it only had one size of screws and no nasty traps and hidden screws at all. At this point it is not good to lose any of the tiny screws. I used an empty soda-can to keep them safe.



HDD-cake contains two ingredients, the actual magnetic plates and spacers between them. Here's how this "cake" originally looked.


...and after

And here's how I re-arranged it. This was done to give some extra support to the topmost disk.

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