The designers of my computer case, the bright men of design had gathered their brainpower together and the result was a very poorly functioning HD/floppy drive stand, so I had to help myself with this one. Not that much of a mod, but a handy trick. So, this is the story of how I got a functioning, cheap and easy-to-make attachment for several HDs.

I happened to have some of those AT-aged backpanels which had places of 9 and 25 pinned serial ports. I just clipped the connectors off the plates and, lookie lookie, the HD frame starts to be finished.

Just four of these, and get them attached with screws. It's handy and light and there is no resonance as I put a rubber pad between each bent part of plate, against the case. The air flows just fine, and the case doesn't rattle.


Just make sure you remember to screw the screws tightly, so that the upper HD can't drop on the HD underneath ;). Ah, another functioning two-picture project. You are allowed to give feedback.

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