Project: HybRed

Author: Ville 'Willek' Kyrö
Published: 12.09.2006
How difficult: 1 Dremel - Easy ; 5 Dremels - Difficult
Time to finish: 150 hours
Cost: 100-150 euros
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Since there are rivets and screws visible on the sidepanels of the case, I had to come up with a way to hide them. I decided to make secondary aluminium panels with some plexy and red leds of course.

I used thinner, anodized aluminium for the panels. Designing the shape of the "holes" was a pain in the ass, and this is what my imagination was able to come up with.

Let´s add some plexy strips with epoxy. The leds are going to be placed where the pencil drawn lines come together.

Testing the looks


The "melt look" was achieved by warming the plexy strips with a hot air gun. The holes were drilled afterwards with a 1,5 mm drill to catch the light better.

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