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Now that these all sort of square and round windows seem to be hip, I thought to try what all kinds of patterns this Dremel can do.

As model I took this oh-so-boring AMD logo. Simple enough for this first test. I chose the side plate as the spot.

As you see from the result, this is the first test. The cuts don't follow precisely the lines, but the point is that they are in 90 degree angles. This way the pattern still is recognizable. (Note: the camera has distorted the perspective of the righthand picture)

I went to Oulu's Aikolon OY to fetch me a piece of dark plexi glass. The price of this 300x200mm piece was 30mk (~5 USD), not really a unreasonable price. From this piece I cut a square suitable for this logo. Because the piece is so small, attaching it to a 1mm thick plate was easily done with superglue(tm). No need for rubber paddings etc.

A few shots of the result. I haven't built any lights inside the computer, but for the test's sake, I lit my greatly criticized Majesty with a flashlight. You see through all right, don't you?

If I would use such a white light, an opaque plexi glass is preferred, but this will have to do in this practice project.

I got all excited to test myself in something more skillful pattern, and it turned out to be allright. The pictures show Megaman, if somebody didn't recognize. Lights behind that baby - yum.


So, i used Dremel for cutting and its cutting disks. The price for a 50-piece disk package was about 30mk (~ 5USD) and I used 6-7 disks doing these. If you have the inspiration and skill, you definitely should do this, and don't satisfy yourself with something as simple and plain as spray paints. Gives you that pro-touch ;)


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