Giving an old mobile phone a new life

Author: Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö
Published: 19.02.2011
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Another "pointless" creation that has no real function or sense of style. Still this is something that just had to be done, partly to proof to myself that this can be done and party because the customer wanted it to be done.

I was contacted by a commercial TV channel here in Finland, the MTV3 to build a prize for a competition. There were three components that I was asked to marry together; a Mobira mobile phone (Talkman), an Apple iPhone and a refrigerator. This acticle covers the process on building this thing that later came to be called - the iTalkman.


iTalkman - Giving an old mobile phone a new life


Mobira Talkman


iTalkman - Giving an old mobile phone a new life

I was so excited to start that I almost failed to take a photo of the Talkman before I started stripping it apart. The unit that I got for the build didn't have an antenna with it and not the power supply. Luckily I had the original PSU from my last Talkman build, the Dataman to be used.

The phone was in full working order but as there is no NMT network to utilize these days, it makes no sense to store these phones other than for their sentimental values. There are some radio amateurs who like to modify these particular Mobira phones to be used in their hobby but for this unit the judgement was clear, clean the insides!

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