Recently there have been a demand for laser cutted fan grills. Purpose of this article is to replace you old and boring fan grills with something more stylish. Grills can contain a logo or a picture of your choice. Usually there grills are made out of metal, but there are some plastic versions available. These grills tend to be expensive and very few of us have laser cutting equipment at home, so lets see that what we can do with what we got. Making a plain plexi fan grill would be boring so I added something special to it. ;)

There it is, my chrome painted 92 mm fan. I used it to measure two pieces of polycarbonate for two grills. Material is 4 mm thick.

Is it just me or do I lack imagination? Coudn't come up with anything else so I drew this image with free hand. In this case, you should be careful while choosing the logo. Light can't travel through many holes so you have to think ahead, and draw an image that have good paths for light to travel.

I left 1 cm clearing around the fan profile so I have some space where I can install the leds.

I drilled/carved the holes by using a carving head in my Ferm's Dremel copy. As you can see, this generates a lot of dust and plastic particles all over, so you should choose the place so that you can hoover and clean it easily.

First test. For lighting, I used two super bright blue leds. I carved two "holes" for the leds to the plexi. You can see those holes in a last picture in this article. They are most visible at the left side of the plexi.

Because the image is so basic it will be evenly lit. Only downside is that with these few holes the air flow will be affected. If you use your fans with 12 volts and want a maximal air flow, this mod isn't for you. For us, that use 5 or 7 volts for the fans, this little cut in air flow isn't so important. At least when it's caused by this little beauty. :)

Shield/grill placed behind an blowhole and with fan attached. As you can see, the chrome painted fan adds a nice touch with it's glow.

Some silhuette testing. With this technique you could make a nice mod that would, for example project your tag to the wall in LAN session. :)


So, there you have it. As you can see, with little handiwork you can make a pretty cool replacement for those fan grills that are sold. And these have lights. :) Why not use ColorFade mod and make you self a grill that will change it's color. Hope that someone will get inspired by this article and do something similar for his/hers computer.

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