Project: LogiNoki

Logitech G5 Laser Mouse and Nokia 6610 Mobile Phone LCD Screen Hybrid
Author: Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö
Published: 25.07.2006
How difficult: 1 Dremel - Easy ; 5 Dremels - Difficult
Time to finish: Two to three days
Cost: Mouse: 45 euros
LCD+driver: 30 euros
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This page is dedicated on showing off some of the stuff that one can display with this LogiNoki mod. Let your imagination fly and try to come up with things that you might like to see shown on the screen. As you have 132*132 pixels of total freedom, one can place many types of interesing images and data onto it.

Family photos

Perhaps you would like to show something from you family album as a slideshow? My mother took this image from my family when we went out to swim this summer.


Took this picture one evening when there was a storm building up on the sea and a lonely boat was returning to harbour after a long day out.

Medieval fair in Turku

Visited a Medieval fair in Turku this summer. In this shot they are acting a scene where a girl is dragged around the city with a horse as punishment because of her crimes.

For children

Took this one just to show you how clear the colors are. This makes it easy to show for example bar graphs or game statistics on the screen.

IRC (Internet Relay Chat)

I don't use Messenger or ICQ that much but I can be always found in IRC. For this I use a text console from Linux to chat with my friends and readers. Just took a screenshot from the console window and posted it to the screen but one could easily write a code that would show the messages on the screen real time. This is the same for every other messaging system like ICQ or AIM etc.

Web browsing

Why not surf around the net with this overly large LCD screen? ;)


It is easy to just photoshop what ever you want to show on the screen. Babes, cool cars, statistics etc. In the end it comes down to limits of your imagination.

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