5.1 Speaker Set Mod with Natural Materials.
Author: Antti Hakala
Published: 03.04.2007
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How do I open this?


First step is to open all these speakers and see what they have eaten. I started with the rather big subwoofer and thought it's easy to rip it apart. Subwoofer itself looks pretty clean and nice, but I personally like to see the driver of the sub and absolutelly hate grilles. I opened four big screws but the grill wasn't willing to be removed. It must have been glued in place. Next phase may look rather bad, but it had to be done. :D

Didn't they have any right sized grilles left?

After using heavier tools, the grill gave up and ended up in trash. A 10" driver and the screws holding it are revealed. Driver itself is very likely to be manufactured by Tangband and it seems to have pretty high excursion capabilities for a computer sub. Stock case is built out of MDF. It is too thin, measuring only at 12 mm, though it has some bracing inside. Reflexport is bent to make it fit inside. Im not expert in electronics, but the transformer inside seems big and heavy. It has to be bolted through one of the walls to keep it in place.


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