5.1 Speaker Set Mod with Natural Materials.
Author: Antti Hakala
Published: 03.04.2007
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I decided to make the new cases out of plywood because it's stiffer material than MDF with the same thickness. Plywood can also be waxed so painting is not necessary. All 47 plywood parts for the speakers are shown below. Subwoofer will have 20/40 mm and satellites 10 mm thick walls. Assembling will be done with lots and lots of screws and wood glue. I think 'Eri Keeper' has to be the best glue in the whole wide world.


For this project I had to buy one new power tool, a router to make clean holes. My trusty all-seen jigsaw would not do circular holes as good and as easily. First hole with the router will be the hole for the subwoofer driver. It's large and easier to make than the holes for satellite drivers. Finished front panel turned out really good, doesn't look that DIY at all in my opinion.



Jigsaw was usable when making the hole for the amplifier. Straight lines were made with router, and the corners were cut with the saw.

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