5.1 Speaker Set Mod with Natural Materials.
Author: Antti Hakala
Published: 03.04.2007
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More glue


Starts to look like a speaker enclosure. Front wall was made thicker, sidewalls will have bracings reinforcing them. Case has the same internal volume as the original. New box also weighs the same due to lighter but stiffer material.

You can never have enough clamps when gluing :D

Because the new sub has the same internal volume, I can use the original reflexport which looks impressing. Good flares in both ends to minimize the sound of moving air. In my design, the port will be placed at the bottom where it cannot be seen. Legs will lift the case from the ground, half the radius of the port. That is enough to ensure the right function of a ported enclosure.


Other end of the port is screwed and glued to the internal bracing. Braces are placed to divide the longest plywood parts into smaller sections. I think they are enough to make the new box stable and eliminate the vibrations caused by the bass notes. Feet are 50x50 mm and naturally made out of wood. Wooden parts of the sub being nearly finished, it's time to do something for the satellites.

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