5.1 Speaker Set Mod with Natural Materials.
Author: Antti Hakala
Published: 03.04.2007
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Tangband waiting for its new home :D

Satellite boxes are made in the same way; only using smaller and fewer screws of course. Front and back walls will have two layers of plywood. Hardest part will be the cutting of a 3rd hole through 20 mm panel. I hade to make a custom dividers to guide the router for a diameter this small.


After hours of routing and sanding, the boxes turn out flat enough for the extra front and back plywoods to be glued onto.

Glued and routed.

The fitting for the satellite drivers is really tight and wasn't an easy task to do. Happily new boxes feel very solid compared to the original plastic thingies. All the woodwork is pretty much done now and it's time for some surface treatment.

All systems go for staining!

All the boxes will be stained black. Staining will leave some of the plywood pattern to be visible so it's far from traditional painting. Also, stain will be absorbed deep into wood, so it's more resistant to scratches than paint. While stain is drying there's time to do smaller, but important parts.

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