5.1 Speaker Set Mod with Natural Materials.
Author: Antti Hakala
Published: 03.04.2007
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Wood Veneer

I wondered if the speakers will be left totally black? I finally decided to use a nice material called veneer for the first time on this project. I bought about a squaremeter of mahogany veneer, it's about millimeter thick paperlike wood. It can be easily glued onto many materials. Veneer can be also lacquered or waxed so it fits great in this 'paint-free' project. Veneer pieces are cut and glued so that they hide all the screws holding the box together.

Black and mahogany likes each other.


Veneer pieces are glued around the corners. While glue dried there was lots of sanding to make the corners look seamless. Satellites have 90 veneer pieces and sub has 16. Each had to be cut, glued and sanded separately, so this step took a very long time. In fact I started to hate veneer... :D In the photo right below the veneer is still waiting for the wax, which will colour the surface more close to red than orange.


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