You all have seen these optical mouses with leds and stuff but there is still room for some improvement. Why not mod a mouse and add your own logo/image to it. Let see how you can do that.

A standard Microsoft ps2 rodent was more trickier to open than I first thought. Two plastic "hooks" that hold the case together are marked with number 1. This hidden screw you have to remove first is marked with number 2. I removed it but didn't notice those hooks in time so I broke them. Sad. Well, the case still holds together with that screw so no harm done.

To make the holes, I used Dremel Multitool. Drill bit was 2 mm in diameter.

Draw the logo/image you want and start drilling. Use some bigger drill bit to clean out the edges of the holes.
Holes are drilled and logo is carved (that stuff in the middle is a letter M. Like in I used some tape to cover the holes from the other side. The idea is to fill those holes with some glue to form lenses. This is to let the light shine from inside of the mouse and to ensure that the surface of the mouse is smooth and doesn't have any bumps or holes. You can even sand/file the surface of the mouse to make it totally smooth.
I used Super Epoxy because it dries totally clean. You can use hot glue or what ever you want. Only thing to remeber is that the glue should be suited to be used with plastic.
While you mod and let the glue dry a bit, you might want to drink some refreshments. Cider was my choice. As you can see, there are some other mouses waiting for their turn.

In my mouse there was a logic circuit with Microsoft's own markings. I followed the wires from ps2 cord to find out which pins have +5 volts and ground potential. Then I used a resistor to lower the voltage for the led. In this case the led gets around 2 volts.

In this mouse I used green led. Soldered the led and the resistor directly to the pins of the circuit.

And red to the other one. This mouse contains different chip but the voltage can be found on the same pins. Note: The pins may vary in different mouses.

And the final product. You can alter the brightness of the logo just by changing the resistor or the led. You also have to calculate different resistor if you use for example blue leds. They need more voltage than these red and green ones that I used.


So there you have it. Brand new LogoMouse. Easy and quite fast to make. You can use this technique in many places. For example on your case, drive bays, monitor, keyboard etc. What are you waiting for? Go modding!

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