Metku Pinball

World first water cooled Pinball machine!

Author: Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö
Published: 16.01.2012
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After building the MetkuMame, I thought that the era of old gaming machines was over for me. Boy how wrong I was. I'm not 100% sure how the idea came to my mind but suddenly I felt a huge urge to build a digital pinball machine. This article is partly a tutorial on how to build one but also a tale about a (stupid?) man that spent his entire summer vacation to build it.


Metku Pinball - World first water cooled Pinball machine!

So what is a digital pinball machine? In short, it is a digital recreation of the original ones that you may have played in arcades, gas stations etc. I chose the shape of the machine to be somewhat similar to the original ones but there is no reason to do so if more creative approach is needed.

Digital pinball machine consists of a computer system that sits inside the case, one, two or three screens that work as gaming surfaces, back glass etc. and inputs that mimic the gaming experience of the original machine. As there is a computer inside the case running the show, one can run hundreds of different "tables" on one machine. One can download ready-made tables off the Internet or if needed, make your own table. All the software is free!


Metku Pinball - World first water cooled Pinball machine!

Before getting into the details, I would like to thank my sponsors that helped to make this project happen. Some of them may not even know about this project until now but better late than never eh? So, thank you all and hopefully we can join forces again soon! :)

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