Project : Mobira Dataman

"Tutorial" on how to mod a 25 years old mobile phone to work as a HTPC.
Author: Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö
Published: 25.08.2009
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I believe I've been thinking of doing this mod for years. Only problem has been that I didn't have a proper phone to realize my dream with. For god knows what reason I presented my idea to my boss at work and he told me that he had an old Mobira phone that he could part from. The next day I had a working cell to start the work with.

Oh, and the reason why I wanted to do this. My old and trusty Xbox1 with XBMC has been streaming all our videos for us but the only problem is that it isn't powerful enought to decode these new high definition file formats. I happened to have a 3.5" form factor motherboard and as the new XBMC builds for Windows seemed stable enough, I decided it is time to update the box. It could have been nice to replace the hardware inside the old Xbox but I wanted to combine the project with the dream of mine, using an old cell as a base for the project.

Mobira Talkman


Mobira Dataman

The following pages will be difficult to read for all the collectors and fans of old mobile phones. One can't make an omelet without breaking some eggs...

Yes, the phone was in full working order. The NMT mobile network is no more but the phone would have been just happy to continue where it had left off a few years back. Even the battery had some juice left.

The plan


Mobira Dataman

I cheated a bit as this "plan" is more or less drawn from the final outcome. "I'm not a planning man" or something along those lines fits me quite well. I try to vision what can and what can't be done and work my way up from there. Sometimes it pays of, sometimes it doesn't.


Mobira Dataman

Here are basically all the components that I need to fit inside the case. Some bits and pieces got changed during the build but the main components in size were the motherboard, DVI-cable assembly and the hard drive. So, lets get cracking...

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