Project : Mobira Dataman

"Tutorial" on how to mod a 25 years old mobile phone to work as a HTPC.
Author: Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö
Published: 25.08.2009
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Sorry for the pictures taken with a mobile phone. I didn't have my camera with me at the time. :(


Mobira Dataman

I had to go out and buy a good quality drill bit to make the hole for the cool air to enter the case. In the past I've always used a jigsaw or something similar but this time I wanted to test what a good quality hole saw can do. It worked perfectly eventhough my rigging to hold the side panel in place wasn't so perfect.


Mobira Dataman

Can't even remember where that mesh is from but recycling is a hot topic these days and in general I try to make do with what I happen to have. Couple of drops of hot glue and I can move on.



Mobira Dataman

The motherboard had several different output options for the video signal - SVideo, composite, component, VGA, DVI and couple of LVDS (Low-voltage differential signaling) connectors for digital display panels (LCDs). Talkman made the decision for me as it had a 15-pin D-connector opening precut on the bottom.

The DVI-connector was seated on a piece of PCB. I needed to trim it a bit to make it fit inside the case. Nothing that can't be handled with an iron saw.


Mobira Dataman

DVI connector ready to serve. It was quite funny to find out that there were two additional holes next to the D-connector that were the exact size of the audio connectors coming from the motherboard. These can be seen in later images. Green for the audio out and the pink for microphone in.

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