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"Tutorial" on how to mod a 25 years old mobile phone to work as a HTPC.
Author: Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö
Published: 25.08.2009
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Mobira Dataman

I initially had a low capacity 2.5" IDE hard drive to be used in the project but the cabling presented a problem. Amount of free space inside the case was low so I had to find a SATA replacement.

Patriot's Warp v2 SSD that was used in our review was a perfect match. Only problem being that the drive itself was bit too large to fit inside. I opened to covers to see what I could do to fix this.


Mobira Dataman

As it happened, there were plenty of air inside the case. The circuit board itself was a lot thinner than the metal case surrounding it.


Mobira Dataman

To insulate the naked circuit board from the Talkman's metallic case and the pins of the motherboard, I decided to wrap the drive in paper. The chips on the SSD do not get hot enough to ignite the paper. At least this is the case for now.


Mobira Dataman

The paper wrapped SSD is then placed between the side panel of the Talkman and the motherboard. There are only couple of millimeters of space available but the stripped SSD did manage to fit there quite nicely.

I'm not sure if you already noticed but one can spot the motherboard standoffs already attached to the side panel.


Mobira Dataman

The particular motherboard that I'm using has its own DC-DC converter built-in. It provides power to the peripherals via the connectors that on a normal setup would feed power out from.

Top part of the image shows the power cable that came with the motherboard and also a regular dual power connector for SATA drives. At the bottom we have a finished power cable for the Patriot's SSD unit.


Mobira Dataman

Motherboard installed inside the case and the SSD unit sitting underneath it.

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