Midi Keyboard Project - Moo6 - in the spirit of the Moog.
Author: Antti Hakala
Published: 30.01.2007
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When not modding, I usually compose some music. As an input device for the music software, I use old Casio CTK 530 keyboard. One day I realized how ugly it really is, so it's time for modding, once again! In this project I'll continue to use minimalistic design which I find attractive. New keyboard needs to be flat, because TFT monitor will be placed on top of it. Internal speakers of the keyboard can be removed. I am not using this keyboard to play sounds, only to send midi data to computer. This leads to another relief, only function button I will need, is the On/Off switch. Big picture on top shows my plan, made in 3D studio. Other two photos show the starting-point. Notice how sloping the keyboards side profile really is! No monitor can stand on top of that.

One challenge in this project is the money. I decided to use 0 euros for this mod. All materials used, are leftovers from Embryo Zero case project and no part is purchased just for this mod.

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