Midi Keyboard Project - Moo6 - in the spirit of the Moog.
Author: Antti Hakala
Published: 30.01.2007
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Hacking things up

Not very demanding device to break apart. After opening 20 screws, interior is revealed. Speakers are attached to the top part of case, as seen in the photo below. Pcb inside is rather small, which goes well with my plan of making a flat case. Next step is to get rid of that old cheap plastic casing.

Seriously, who the hell chose the colors for the buttons? Too 90's for me.

I removed all the black and white keys, so it's more safe to use my sophisticated working methods. I decided it's better to use the part of the original case, where the keys are attached to. This way the feeling of the keys stays untouched and it will also make the project faster and easier. Just cutting away excessive plastic and the result is in the picture below. Now this thingie is easy to screw on plywood base and then start constructing the new case. (Yes it's a Sigma lens cap...)

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