Midi Keyboard Project - Moo6 - in the spirit of the Moog.
Author: Antti Hakala
Published: 30.01.2007
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Some assembly

After putting the keys back into their places, I screwed the whole part to a plywood piece. On top of the plywood I added wood blocks of right height to act as supports for the top of the case. In the photo below, you can also see, how I used some board to make ends for the case. Boards are stained and then attached to the wooden supports. Back part is 4mm aluminum cut with jigsaw. And finally, the 'window' in the back, is the area where 'midi in' and 'midi out' connectors will be placed to.

Keyboard is pretty much finished after adding the top aluminum. It's cut out of 4mm aluminum with jigsaw. I bent the part a bit, because it will be attached from the edges only. I really dont want to see any chinks in the middle area. I sanded the part using grit 80 sandpaper attached to a rightangle. This resulted in a nice paraller surface and was a fast method compared to polishing in the Embryo Zero project.

This time the only detail is the power button. I used a metal mount I found, and tightened it to the top aluminun. The button itself is a piece of 8 mm steel rod which simply presses the original power button below it. No need for soldering iron in the whole project :D

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