Animating Multilayered Engravings

Get some movement and color to your engravings.
Author: Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö
Published: 20.02.2008
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The Lights


Modding the leds

Leds that I had were all 5 mm ones. The acrylic sheets that I was using were only 3 mm so I had to mod the leds a bit. As the idea is to spread the light around the piece, the tip of the led can be removed. This also makes the led shorter, making it easier to install and finally mount the piece. Using the cutting disk and a Dremel tool I shaved couple of millimeters off the sides. This made them usable but if you can find some 3 mm leds or better yet, some surface mountable ones, use them instead.


Installing the leds

Leds used were blue ones. With help from the LedCalc I got the proper current limiting resistors and soldered the led+resistor pairs ready. As crazy glue / superglue / some epoxies can ruin the acrylic sheets with their fumes, I used hot glue to fix the led+resistor pairs to the edges of the sheets.


Led installation finished

Intel text have one led aimed at it and so does the Inside. The ring around the logo is lit by two leds shooting from the opposite sides. One doesn't need to go crazy and add that many leds. The next technique that I'm about to show you, will improve the end result given by the low number of leds that I used.

Aluminum tape


Aluminum tape

Idea here is to get the light bounce around inside the acrylic sheet as long as possible. This is opposite to what Antti did in his TransTFT mod where the aim was to light the edges of the acrylic sheet.


Aluminum tape

As the both sides of the tape are reflective, the light bounces around and gets out only when it hits an engraved surface. The tape works also as a light barrier for light coming from leds on neighbouring layers.

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