Animating Multilayered Engravings

Get some movement and color to your engravings.
Author: Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö
Published: 20.02.2008
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The Frame


The Frame

Dremel 400 Digital working on a wooden picture frame. I don't usually spend that much time perfecting these prototypes but I happened to have a spare frame available so why not use it.



Layers are stacked so that the Intel layer is the topmost. Next is the Inside and the circle is the bottom layer. Lighting sequence will follow this same order. In this design the order isn't that important as there are no overlapping shapes.

Lights on


Intel Inside Lighted

Here is shot without the black paper behind the frame. This would be the situation when lighting for example a case window.

In the video the first part is shot with the black back paper and the last part without it. The paper makes the leds or better yet, their light cones more visible. Depending on the design, this could be either a good or a bad thing. Generally it is best try to hide the lightsource and the direct light coming from it.

In this case I didn't diffuse the light at all. One could use for example a piece of white paper, sanded acrylic piece etc. between the edge of the engraved sheet and the led. This would spread the light bit better. One must note that it is not enough to sand the edge of the sheet and the led if you use glue to attach them together. The glue will fill all the sanded edges and make the light path clear again.

We could end this tutorial here but I'm sure you would like to see even cooler example on what this multilayer technique can offer.

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