Animating Multilayered Engravings

Get some movement and color to your engravings.
Author: Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö
Published: 20.02.2008
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The Dragon


Taped up

To keep all the layers together I used bit of hot glue around the edge on certain points. Again, remember that not all types of glue will work great with acrylics.

Two white leds on the bottom will light up the Dragon. For each flame layer I reserved a single red led. After getting the proper resistor values from the LedCalc I was ready to light the design up. The lighting sequence is the same as with the Intel Inside logo. First the small flame will light up, then the middle one will fade in and after that the large one. This makes the flame seem to grow bigger and bigger. I did test lighting up the layers one at the time but the end result wasn't that great. The next photo is taken from that test as the largest flame is the only one lit.

Lights on


Dragon Lit


I have to say that even I was surprised how well the dragon version turned out. Three very simple flames and bit of light and magic can really spice up the engraving. And this was the whole point of this project.

It took only minutes to engrave the flames but I have to admit that it took way longer that I expected to get all the taping done, leds mounted and hooked up. On top of all this, it was pain to keep all the layers clean during the assembly. Static charge draws all the dust and acrylic debris toward the sheets so one needs to be careful when handling them. Fingerprints are also something to be careful with. These all will show up in the lighted sheets and can ruin your hard work. Do NOT use rubbing alcohol or anything similar to clean the sheets! Keep the protective films on the sheets as long as possible and if the surface needs cleaning, use mild soap solution and plenty of water. Wipe clean with something that doesn't leave dust or fibers to the surface.

In the end, I believe that the end result makes it worthwhile. Bit of movement and coloring can make even the simpliest design look amazing. Now it is your turn to let your imagination fly free and engrave that vision to some acrylic sheets. I hope to see your work in soon. Happy modding!

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