Näyttispuhallin (Gfx-CardFan)

The gadget in question is a little something that cools the gfx-card from "behind", from the circuit board side, erm... well, you'll see from the pictures.

I happened to find a 60x60x25 fan from my box. The connection seems to be one of those patented tape-thingies, but that'll do. From the same box i found some rubber pads which are perfect to separate the fan from the card's surface. This allows the air to flow into between the card and the fan, so the fan can blow the hot air upwards. This way the hot air is 'transported' to other fans which should blow it out from the box.

The fan is placed on the 'wrong' side of the gfx-card. The fan should be placed also so that it would blow in the direction of the processor's fan, which decreased the temperature of the processor a tad. (Yes yes, I know, I shouldn't have that Majesty in the first place) ;)

I don't have any temperature sensors in my gfx-card and anything else which could measure the heat of the GPU, but 2Fastcpu's site has measured a drop of up to three degrees Centigrade with a commercial product.


So, this is what we have now. I have this gadget set to 12 volts, so I could at some point set it to 5 volts so that there wouldn't be that much excess noise. It's just that my computer is already that noisy, so you wouldn't probably notice any increase of the noise.

Hopefully this helps someone getting better 3DMarks or FPS:s, but if nothing else, you'll get that useless fan again doing something useful, and those of you who have a window in your computer, you'll get one more fan to gaze at ;)


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