Project: Passive

Passive cooling consept case.
Author: Ville 'Willek' Kyrö
Published: 03.03.2008
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Project Passive

The only way to transfer heat from the sources (CPU, GPU etc.) to the huge heatsinks would be with heatpipes. After scouring the net for guides to making my own heatpipes, I decided it was not worth the trouble. I decided to use heatpipes from a normal commercial cooler. After studying the different models for good altenatives, I decided to use the Thermaltake Big Typhoon. As it turned out, it was a good choice. The typhoons cooling fins weren´t soldered in place so they were easy to remove. However, it took a lot of time, as they had to be loosened one at a time, to avoid damaging the heatpipes.


Project Passive

The base was a different matter. Though the pipes weren´t flattened, like for example in the Scyhte Ninja, they were glued on, which complicated matters. The heatpipes couldn´t be bent, they were too fragile for that. So I had to bend the base. I accomplished this by sawing a notch on the base with a hacksaw. After that, the base bent with relative ease, and the heatpipe required a small nudge to get loose.


Project Passive

Heatpipes are very fragile, and tricky to bend. After bending couple of pipes slowly with bare hands, I discovered, that a tool was needed. A friend with a lathe made this very simple, yet effective tool for me. The groove is excatly 6 mm in diameter, as are the heatpipes. With this tool, the heatpipe won´t flatten and risk breaking, when bending.


Project Passive

Planning the layout. For the first tests, I used 6 mm thick aluminum for the CPU-block and the connections to the heatsink.

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